goodbye lovers & friends

So yeah, what's about it?! <snap snap snap>  Still got some holiday looks, here comes one of them, also known as "pls pls pls stfu cause i can't stop laughing and you're NOT helping". #ithappened.
A floral dress, crop top I got in Norway (and as it was on sale it was literally cheaper than coke and chewing gum, no shit), necklace set; everytime I wear the ankh one it's getting lost after all and actually I have no idea where is it right now, and blue mirror sunglasses. As I look at it right now, the only not-sale thing are the shoes. 

Now enough about the look; second week of school is here, I'm worried just about math as the rest seems to be going pretty well for me. And someone please explain me how am I so tired after sleeping for 8 hours, like I tried this today and I fell asleep on a bus on a way back home. This is dangerous, I might miss my stop and then I'll be forced to sleep on some pavement or something. Or I'll just get a bus in a different direction, but it requires doing moving and walking and I don't think I'd feel like it. Oh, and one more thing; I'm aware that writing about it is 100% pointless, but dear bots or really sad and desperate people - I don't need your fucking battlefield 4 cheats, cheap cars, job related shit in east London, engine rankings, home cooking... the spam is getting overwhelming.
Oh the drawbacks of life lasting fame; we just have to carry them, don't we?

dress&sandals - H&M
top - Monki
sunnies&necklaces - Stradivarius

I know I could be noxious
Or occasionally cruel
But only to the ones 
I loved
Goodbye lovers and friends
So sad to leave you
When they lie and say 
"This is not the end"
you can laugh as if 
we're still together
you can laugh about it all 

Don't get inventory
Don't fake your memory
Don't give me virtues that I never had
Don't get sychophantal
We never were sentimental
I know I took more than I ever gave


Love to hear from you!