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Now when I look at it, I'm pretty sure my hatred towards black was caused by my ignorance. While focusing on colors, I forgot about textures, shapes, print and all those options I have to make it different somehow. What can I say, our dark romance is doing well and here we got a black&gold duet. Half of the outfit are actually summer souvenirs - vintage boots from Brussels and ornamental leggings I found in some little thrift shop while waiting for another night of concerts on Open'er festival. Good ol' days.
I'm also slowly getting to the point in which I admit that my will to go back to school was totally stupid and I regret it. Lately I was like "I don't like this class, neither that one - oh, here goes the worst thing eva" and I just suddenly realized that the thing is I'm really bored at school. Philosophy is the only class that haven't got me pissed off even once past last four years. But apart from that - I'm going into Lily Allen's Sheezus mode in school pretty often.
"I'm switching off, no longer listening" I don't really mean to, you know. It just kinda happens.

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kick it twice in the eye

And if you only knew just how I took my time
I'm going to take it off, I am going to make you
I gotta dance, gotta dance
gotta seem all right
I'm going to see it all, I am going to stay to
I'm want to take it down, and make it go away
And if you see my soul, I'm going make you
I going see, I gotta see, gotta be ok


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  2. Super look, cool photos! :)

    Brina xoxo,

  3. Awwww, super super cool, my dear ^_^

    Happy Tuesday,


  4. Super cool !!! beautiful earcuff !!!


  5. When I was in school, I couldn't stand going to classes that I didn't like so I there caution to the wind and only took classes I did like. It's odd because I have a major in English but I work in digital acquisition. My unsolicited advice is that if you like philosophy, keep on pursuing it!

    Anyways--back to the superficial, important topics-- I absolutely love your red hair and that earpiece SLAYS!


  6. Love that top!


  7. Wow amazing ear cuff!



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