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School tomorrow, back on track. Today actually; as for me, I'll have to get out of bed in about 5 hours; the thing is I haven't gone to it yet.
 I just can't stand all this "omggggg is it really september like 4real do we really have to school nooo ;/" whining. We do the same thing every single year since kindergarten, so cut this unecessary drama cause there is no way it's making it any better.
And I've got so many pics that this is overwhelming and I can't finish editing one shoot then comes another and ughh I'm such a mess.
So here is a holiday breeze from the ferry. Denmark - Norway.
Scandinavian tip no 1: Don't bother with "which pizza should we get" dillemas. It will be covered with fish anyway. Or some other random not-sure-what-is-that sea stuff. You're welcome.

This place looks like a mansion!
It's like a mansion, look at all this stuff!

We wanna get it Granny, while it's hot
 You think it's trash Granny, but it's not 
Oh, we'll be taking whatever you got 
Ah, give up, give up, give up 
Come on and give it to me


  1. i fell in love with your blog. and i love...looove your style and hair <3 very pretty and cool!


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