get away

Woah, so it looks like it took me more than 2 weeks to get that post done. And I'm pretty sure I only found a moment to succeed because I'm sick. I just hope I'll get better for Halloween. For fuck's sake, you know, Halloween.
So now those pics made me realize how the weather has changed lately. Like I was wearing fishnets, okay, without any sheer shit underneath and if I recall it pretty well it even got kind of hot? is it possible? and there was definitely no need to pull out a blazer from my bag. Now it's more like "I hope 3 sweaters will be enough inside the building"
I spent the whole last weekend at concerts and it was all fucking fantasitic; and it was that kind of gig that causes numerous bruises, reccuring pain while trying to... just do things, you know. Putting a jacket on or anything. What was I saying? Worth it. 
The look is a mix of two tendencies that are kind of relevant in my preferences lately; all rattling, shimmering gypsy colors and patterns along with black uniform. That's my thang.
As well as black only, colors only and everything. I've got a lot of those. ThIngs. 

pics by

shoes - vintage
hat, dress (as a skirt) - H&M
shirt - thrifted
socks - Topshop
fishnets - Calzedonia

You twist your pretty face 
As you cry your evil eyes out 
I keep crying your name, cut off from me 
Get away from me 
Your skin and bone, believe me, leave me 


twoja generacja

Jak ja nienawidzę Twojej generacji
Zwykła nienawiść dymi wam z dyni
Młodzi policjanci, młodzi kibice
Kretyni kontra kretyni


fire water burn | no.

just don't throw them in there ok

100814 Kvisvik Norway

but if I go to hell 
well then I hope I burn well 


jimmy gnecco

So today we can see that I actually gained the ability to put my hair in a bun while avoiding looking like a freaking donut or something. *round of applause*
Once again, black on black, and velvet. I stick to my favourites lately. And they go really well with fall mood swings, guaranteed!
What else, huh... today was my very own Friday 13th on Wednesday 15th so yeah, I feel pretty bad, I spent few hours completely drenched - and I'm not talking rain, it was a 20 minute fucking nightmare with no place to hide and I was wearing old, destroyed sneakers, If I won't get sick I'll treat myself with some kind of "that shit ain't happening" medal.
 Aaaand pretty much anything that I got in touch with immediately broke down or did something like that. I ordered coffee from the vending machine - oh thank you for that cup of milk and water. I was in a real hurry? My drawing tube got stuck to later casually open and slide what was inside into the puddle. The amount of fucks I said today may overstate my stats a bit and this is not an easy thing.
 On the other hand, I discovered that when needed, I can argue in Spanish quite well; so I don't know, maybe I should start some war to finally catch up with fluent kinda thing?
I guess that's it, well, I really like those pics so enjoy!

pics by

dress - ?
vest - thrifted
shoes - vintage
necklace - Urban Outfitters

I say hey, Jimmy Gnecco
Hey, I like your heavy metal
Do you like mine?



So this is me in my futuristic rascal alien form. Wearing stuff that is mostly from my holiday voyages, Brussels boots and pendant, Oslo sweater and leggins (I need Monki somewhere here pls). I'd also like to mention one more time that clothing in Norway was cheaper than food 
(speaking of sales, of course. But still, right?)
I don't really feel like writing a lot today; maybe I'll just tell you that I dyed my hair dark red two days ago, I went to some concert and now my neck hurts as hell, but it's that kind of pain that only confirms that was fucking fantastic and I think I may consider hibernating few next weeks just because I'm officially losing faith that there is ever going to be enough sleep in my life.
That's about it. See you.

leggings&sweater - Monki
tunic - chicnova
shoes - vintage
necklaces - Stradivarius&Urban Outfitters

Did you get a plan for me?
'Cause in this concrete jungle every way you turn you sink
Holding you tight moaning

My favourite way to fall
None of my body parts are just my own
I think we might be all alone

It's so easy to lose control
Part of myself is ready to go
Streets have never been so cold



so. fresh.
good things come to those who wait
but i ain't in the patient phase


dust devil | amsterdam

And I said 'Come down!' I am missing you
If these little fingers could draw you into my picture
They surely would


die by the drop

Dirty casual, yas. Kind of my uniform for days when I feel that I need sleep more than I need to be a superstar. Oh, who am I kidding, I'm always a superstar, just sometimes a grunge vintage idc one. 
I found that jacket in my closet some time ago and I was pretty surprised I own it - the future shopaholic struggle is real, kids. So this time it went with a black bottom basic set - I swear those old as hell docs are the most comfortable shoes ever - a isn't-it-too-big-for-you sweater and necklaces I wear almost everyday lately. And I think I finally got the purple lipstick that is really close to a perfect one, so I'm pretty pleased with it right now as I'm like dark lips or no lips. For real. I'd rather go without color than do some light pink shit, I wonder if it'll stay that way.

And now I'd like to take a moment to say that I saw Jack White in July, it was insane, he was insane, and now I'll see him again in few weeks. I'm so overly excited when I think about it; and another thing that also gets me over the moon is Halloween on the way. Oh boy. Thinking about those two things makes me wonder why I'm in such a shitty mood recently. Well I'm pretty sure my heads has some reasons for it, cause otherwise I'm getting paranoid or some other mental shit. But I think I just like to exaggerate. Yup. That must be it.
One, two, three, four, five
Once I caught a fish alive
Six, seven, eight, nine, ten
Then I let it go againpics by
sweater&coat - thrifted
leggings - TKMaxx
shoes - Dr Martens
ankh necklace - Stradivarius
hand necklace - Urban Outfitters

this time with a video, because it's awesome.
Let's dig a hole in the sand, brother
A little grave we can fill together 

I got myself a problem
That I been looking to sell

Some people die just a little
Sometimes you die by the drop
Some people die in the middle
I live just fine on the top

I'm gonna take you for worse or better
I'm gonna make you for worse or better
I'm gonna take you for worse or better
to my little grave

I never said we was equal
I never wished to be saved
If I'm a problem then preach on?
Let's dig a little grave