get away

Woah, so it looks like it took me more than 2 weeks to get that post done. And I'm pretty sure I only found a moment to succeed because I'm sick. I just hope I'll get better for Halloween. For fuck's sake, you know, Halloween.
So now those pics made me realize how the weather has changed lately. Like I was wearing fishnets, okay, without any sheer shit underneath and if I recall it pretty well it even got kind of hot? is it possible? and there was definitely no need to pull out a blazer from my bag. Now it's more like "I hope 3 sweaters will be enough inside the building"
I spent the whole last weekend at concerts and it was all fucking fantasitic; and it was that kind of gig that causes numerous bruises, reccuring pain while trying to... just do things, you know. Putting a jacket on or anything. What was I saying? Worth it. 
The look is a mix of two tendencies that are kind of relevant in my preferences lately; all rattling, shimmering gypsy colors and patterns along with black uniform. That's my thang.
As well as black only, colors only and everything. I've got a lot of those. ThIngs. 

pics by

shoes - vintage
hat, dress (as a skirt) - H&M
shirt - thrifted
socks - Topshop
fishnets - Calzedonia

You twist your pretty face 
As you cry your evil eyes out 
I keep crying your name, cut off from me 
Get away from me 
Your skin and bone, believe me, leave me 


  1. Lovely outfit ! from nails to .. everywhere !

  2. Cudownie wyglądasz! całośc bardzo przemyślana, super ;)

  3. Świetne rajstopy!

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  5. cute outfit. that first photo though! that's an awesome photo :)


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