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So today we can see that I actually gained the ability to put my hair in a bun while avoiding looking like a freaking donut or something. *round of applause*
Once again, black on black, and velvet. I stick to my favourites lately. And they go really well with fall mood swings, guaranteed!
What else, huh... today was my very own Friday 13th on Wednesday 15th so yeah, I feel pretty bad, I spent few hours completely drenched - and I'm not talking rain, it was a 20 minute fucking nightmare with no place to hide and I was wearing old, destroyed sneakers, If I won't get sick I'll treat myself with some kind of "that shit ain't happening" medal.
 Aaaand pretty much anything that I got in touch with immediately broke down or did something like that. I ordered coffee from the vending machine - oh thank you for that cup of milk and water. I was in a real hurry? My drawing tube got stuck to later casually open and slide what was inside into the puddle. The amount of fucks I said today may overstate my stats a bit and this is not an easy thing.
 On the other hand, I discovered that when needed, I can argue in Spanish quite well; so I don't know, maybe I should start some war to finally catch up with fluent kinda thing?
I guess that's it, well, I really like those pics so enjoy!

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dress - ?
vest - thrifted
shoes - vintage
necklace - Urban Outfitters

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