So this is me in my futuristic rascal alien form. Wearing stuff that is mostly from my holiday voyages, Brussels boots and pendant, Oslo sweater and leggins (I need Monki somewhere here pls). I'd also like to mention one more time that clothing in Norway was cheaper than food 
(speaking of sales, of course. But still, right?)
I don't really feel like writing a lot today; maybe I'll just tell you that I dyed my hair dark red two days ago, I went to some concert and now my neck hurts as hell, but it's that kind of pain that only confirms that was fucking fantastic and I think I may consider hibernating few next weeks just because I'm officially losing faith that there is ever going to be enough sleep in my life.
That's about it. See you.

leggings&sweater - Monki
tunic - chicnova
shoes - vintage
necklaces - Stradivarius&Urban Outfitters

Did you get a plan for me?
'Cause in this concrete jungle every way you turn you sink
Holding you tight moaning

My favourite way to fall
None of my body parts are just my own
I think we might be all alone

It's so easy to lose control
Part of myself is ready to go
Streets have never been so cold


  1. Great sweater, love the colour!

    Have a wonderful week :)

  2. Oh my gosh! You look so fierce with that hair and those eyes. Add that with a gorgeous outfit and you're really one fabulous fashionista. The print of the sweater is so rad, and the color contrasts perfectly with the fiery locks of your hair. Thank you so much for sharing! Stay beautiful, Bessana!

    Sadie Montgomery @ Hoshalls Folsom


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