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090814 Kvisvik Norway
I wake up and I only wanna go to sleep
I can get so dead


everyone's at it

Ever heard this "never say never blah blah u gonna regret it" bullshit? Sure you did. 
It's actually pretty accurate.
"I'll never fall for this galaxy trend" - I said, deeply believing in my words - "It's like so mainstream and expensive. Just no"
And as the seasons have passed, the universe became so outdated (not like we're kinda living in it haha you feel me) and I found that dress in some thrift shop for few bucks, and I liked it so why not, go for it, the streets won't vomit on you with star dust anymore (so. last. year.) 
And here I am, rediscovering my über kawaii colorful bright pink yas alter ego, with a lilac vest I bought during London charity shop tournée, heart necklace I got when I was like 12, another beady (is that even a real word?) one, choker my brother made me out of those rubber bands that kids seem to love those days and silver oxfords.
Sincerely, yours
on the edge of a mental breakdown caused by morbid procrastination
loving author

You go to the doctor
You need pills for sleeping
Well if you can convince him
Then I guess that's not cheating


ugly boy | brussels

Those pics are older than four months, so I guess that's long enough to call them some summer memories (I mean, right now I get cold just from looking at them). And oh look, it Thursday, what a mainstream day for a throwback right right right
Here comes the sentimental cliché of my riddled with sarcasm dark bitchy soul; and I think I'm not the only one that feels that way - sometimes when I think about something what happened in the past, I just can remember the exact feeling that I had that very moment and it seems so weird. Because I just know I'm never going feel like that again; simply because my life is not on some repeat mode of anything. And I can think about what I've done or where I've been and stuff and in the moment remind myself how I felt inside and it comes like an echo, and it's both sad and happy. 
I can't figure out how I feel about this feeling that seems to be designated to this while and this while only.
Shit, I got deep and things. Let's take it all away with paying attention to my japanese waving cats or whatever their name was (Maneki-neko, you didn't have to, google, so kind.)
Brussels, huh. Good old days. Not school days. I fucking hate school, just for the record; even though I still control my whining bitch mode about it to stay at least a bit true to my i-can't-wait-for-school-enthusiastic-stupid-stupid-self. Yas.

Chill the fuck out I got this

Yes I love my ugly boy
So rough and tough
Don't care about anything but me
And I just love him cause he's so crazy
Just crazy about me

You fuckin' mental, my crazy little girl
Maybe the most psycho chick in the world
You mystical shit just's not physical
What you and me got's unfuckwithable


strange desire

i'm so bored

I don't wanna go to hell
But if I do
It'll be 'cause of you

i'm a liar



a mad tea party - halloween! | part 1 - the dawn

We're all mad here.

Halloween was a week ago.
That's some time, man.
But here I am, on the first day I actually had time to choose some pics - and as you can see in the title, this is the first part. The daylight one. Cause it's like autumn and the sun goes down waaay to early.
So this year I decided to go with one of my favourite book&movie characters - The Mad Hatter. Tim Burton version to be exact, so I kinda Johnny Depped myself - I must admit, I think it came out pretty well. I may have talked and smiled too much; my chin was literally cracking but hey, I'm mad.
Can't help it.
I also think me and Hatter have a lot in common. We're both a bit out of this world, eccentric I guess; modest, that's for sure. And we share a passion for everything absurd; that's much more fun than the ordinary, trust me. 

“If I had a world of my own, everything would be nonsense. Nothing would be what it is, because everything would be what it isn't. And contrary wise, what is, it wouldn't be. And what it wouldn't be, it would. You see?”

You can hang me in a bottle like a cat

Let the crows pick me clean but for my hat