everyone's at it

Ever heard this "never say never blah blah u gonna regret it" bullshit? Sure you did. 
It's actually pretty accurate.
"I'll never fall for this galaxy trend" - I said, deeply believing in my words - "It's like so mainstream and expensive. Just no"
And as the seasons have passed, the universe became so outdated (not like we're kinda living in it haha you feel me) and I found that dress in some thrift shop for few bucks, and I liked it so why not, go for it, the streets won't vomit on you with star dust anymore (so. last. year.) 
And here I am, rediscovering my über kawaii colorful bright pink yas alter ego, with a lilac vest I bought during London charity shop tournée, heart necklace I got when I was like 12, another beady (is that even a real word?) one, choker my brother made me out of those rubber bands that kids seem to love those days and silver oxfords.
Sincerely, yours
on the edge of a mental breakdown caused by morbid procrastination
loving author

You go to the doctor
You need pills for sleeping
Well if you can convince him
Then I guess that's not cheating


  1. Amazing print! I love your dress!

  2. r u planning 2 kill urself??

    1. all day all night
      what the fuck


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