i think you should know you're his favourite worst nightmare

Everything always happens to change in the third part of December and that's a pretty odd. 
Like when sometimes you need to rearrange stuff in your room, my head does that shit without asking me but with a frighteningly precise timing. I'd think about it as accidental stuff, but I'm pretty sure that's the third year in a row. Maybe it's healthy,
And on the contrary to deep thoughts and philosophical bullshit by me, myself and I, I crawled into the yucca bush in my house, because why not.
Cheers, merry whatever!

D is for
Desperately trying to stimulate
What it was that was alright
Three quarters of an hour ago

The parallel universe perhaps could be the perfect scene


  1. these comments above me are just ridiculous babe

    I hope December treats you good ASAP. Ugh, these photos are pure perfection like can I just be you? YASSSSSS.

    Anyways you named your other post MANiCURE omg YASSSS slay

    kik me k?

    "The Odd Adventures of Caitlin Doyle" on THE PHOTOGRAPHIC SENSE-

  2. do u want 2 keep in touch withe me
    cuz u kno
    d is also 4 sumfin else


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