Rose. Rabbit. Lie. - Vintage Nostalgia part 2 | drink up

So here comes the second, a bit more colorful part of my 20s party look, created for the vintage style challenge by Cosmopolitan Las Vegas resort. 
This time I'd like to focus on the look - as big as my warderobe is, I haven't got exactly what a flapper would choose, so I decided to go with the stuff she'd probably wear after few critical glances and sighs. Straight dress without precisely marked waistline, many layers of pearls, fishnets, little rakish headpiece and heels that would make anyone dance all night long. I also decided to tuck my hair to get the boyish bob look. So my flapper alter ego ended up being free and insolently fab, with a cigarette resting in my hand and smoke flowing through my swinging soul. Enjoy!

pics by

shoes - H&M
coat - thrifted
necklace - I stole that from school christmas tree last year for fun, nobody say a word.
dress - ?


  1. Uwielbiam takie klasyczne stylizacje.
    Bardzo mi się podoba takie połączenie!

  2. You look cool :)

    NEW POST...


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