little talks

So this post is supposed to make up for my shameful, constant absence and lack of involvement that recently became my signature move here. But January is almost over and I can't go on like that, because I'm pretty sure this blog is one of few things that keep my mental health at quite decent state.
And I have to say, that this is a big bunch of stuff in one post, as I was feeling like layering was the way. That's how I ended up with basically three outfits, and all of them are cute as a button in my opinion - what else can you get from wearing cut-out heart dress, monochromatic graphic prints, pink coat, bows and all the little trinkets that'd do just fine decorating the top of the cupcake?
 I decided to break my dark and gloomy routine and I actually enjoyed it. Really, I'll say it once again - sticking to one particular style would be a nightmare.
I have to go back to school in one day and this is just the worst. Enough said.
See ya!

pics by
coat, hat - H&M
shirt, dress - thrifted
shoes - Dr. Martens
bow - Claire's
blazer - Laura Ashley
and the rest just kinda happened 
Some days I can't even trust myself
It's killing me to see you this way
Some days I don't know if I am wrong or right
Your mind is playing tricks on you my dear


enjoy the silence

This place seems kind of abandoned lately, and the only thing I can say about that I just don't feel like forcing myself to that. It's supposed to be fun, not another overwhelming responsibility.
I'm on my winter break right now, everything got so peaceful all of a sudden; I can't complain, that's a dream, I can read a whole book in few hours, watch movies late at night and do many random things. Like I came to Warsaw yesterday just to bitch around the town. And about the town. 
So I guess I'll just leave you to some portrait shots that are a result of my casual boredom killing.
And, if someone here has epilepsy, I'd strongly advice to just skip this one. I've got lot of cool shit here, so feel free to check out everything you want, but I'm not having any lawsuits because of causing some attack or stuff. Ain't got no money to deal with courts.

Words are very unnecessary 



two against one

The whole winter thing happened, guys. I'm doomed. Although when we took those pics of what was basically my uniform for some time, it wasn't snowing yet, it was only extremely cold. I honestly think this is the disaster right now - it's snowing, it's raining, I'm freezing, everything got slippery and I'm literally daydreaming about spring and summer while listening to wind murdering everything around. And I just got into the weather small talk, shit.

I started to realize that my love towards black may have gone a bit too far, and when I connected the dots with my pretty shitty and depressed attitude lately (yeah, like why the fuck would I do that) it all got kinda clear and I decided to wear colorful stuff again. Sometimes. It seems so ridiculous to write all that "omg colors are back here yay" when what I present you today is nothing but the darkest stuff. And I'm even wearing my warm clothes on some of those pictures; I bought this loose coat alike thing some time ago and we're having time of our lives. I can wear a winter jacket without killing aesthetics with double-edged axe of "It's too cold to look at all"

 I can actually tell you a story about the outfit, apart from cool layering I did there. As I shop mostly at thrift stores, sometimes I get to lay my hands on something with a history, and I'm quite sure that's what happened with that tailcoat. When I got home after buying it, I was trying to find some tag because I simply wanted to know how to wash it. But in fact I discovered the tag of some school uniform supplier in England and the other thing - which most likely is the name of the person that used to wear it once. I'm pretty sure it was an orchestra guy, you don't wear those on daily basis. Unless you're me. Then you do.

tailcoat, shirt, shoes - thrifted
hat - H&M
skirt - lefties
hand necklace - Urban Outfitters
ankh necklace - some bershka or stradivarius stuff, idk

today it goes with a video, because it's just so good
Make no mistake, I don’t do anything for free
I keep my enemies closer than my mirror ever gets to me

I get the feeling that it’s two against one.
I’m already fighting me, so what’s another one?
 The mirror is a trigger and your mouth’s a gun