eat you alive

I remember that once I told you how comfortable those 6 inch heels are. And I maintain that.
Unless someone makes you run up and down and up and down each time through like 4 floors - and please hurry up - then they're definitely not a dream. But they still manage.
Enough said about my breathtaking adventures, I think it's time to admit I'm currently going through the dark phase, with an constant echo of my own voice from not so long ago going like "lol I don't even look at black stuff, black sucks". And you see how I ended up with that attitude. 
But on the other hand, in this very moment I feel more like baking heart shaped cookies, wearing kitten prints all over myself and idk, sniffing some glitter or other cute shit. I think my alter egos are doing pretty well.
Let's slay 2k15 by the way, I really feel like being fucking awesome. I think I'll go for it.

shoes - vintage store
leggings - H&M
shirt - chicnova
jacket - thrifted
glasses - Stradivarius
necklace - House, i guess

There was a time
I wasn’t feeling it and I wasn’t ready to go
Was feeling divine


  1. wonderful glasses! :) i like how you switched to a new style today. you look wonderful :))

    xoxo, rae

  2. dla mnie bomba, wyglądasz mistrzowsko ;)

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  3. Such a fabulous look. And you're gorgeous

  4. You look so cool, I love the sunnies, the necklace and your boots, they're amazing!

  5. oh my, love your boots and your jacket! sooo cool as usual!!!

    xo, Carla


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