So this was actually supposed to be just an outfit shoot, but first I got really cold, and then it got really dark, so it ended up as me aka the glitter fish rolling around the neon lights.
Since yesterday, I'm finally a free human being and I haven't been that stress-free for past months. And by that I mean I kind of got all of my math exam failing shit fixed. I was literally checking my grades online at 3 A.M. at the party last weekend. 3 A.M. The struggle was batshit crazy, believe me. 
Plus my collection of tickets to concerts that are soon to be used is growing, I got some of my creative vibes back lately and everything suddenly seems all right. In other words, I feel weird as fuck.
and yeah there are some pictures this is pretty important here

too high
can't come down


our perfect disease

I'm not going to explain why I wasn't here, simply because I don't know the reason. Lately I seem to fail in any thing that I tell myself to do, so maybe I'll cheat a little bit and don't make any resolutions - and the universe will turn evething around and it will go on smoothly. Although there is some cool stuff happening, just when I take a step back this huge mess punches me in a face being all like sassy and like lmao u though you're dealing with me yeah keep dreamin' xx
And I was supposed to wear something but black. Here it goes. Yeah. Nailed it. When I actually do wear colors, this thing happens and suddenly taking pictures is impossible. No clue what is this thing, I think it maybe "school" "responsabilities" or some other irrational shit.
But apart from my clumsy attitude, the spring is just behind a corner and honestly, give me some sunshine and I'll go from Bert to Ernie (and yes, this is a Sesame Street reference #thug life)
I did that little bun thing on my head and obviously, it got worse when I was trying to pose. But still. And I got myself a lilac lipstick; actually, lately my makeup is kind of lighter, but we took those pics few weeks ago and I still decide in the morning whenever I'm going for my almost full natural face or red carpet Lady Gaga look. Sue me.)
I really hope I'll see you sooner this time, keep ya fingers crossed.

P.S. Check out those pics and guess one thing that I hate. And if you said ironing, go get yourself a cookie.

pics by
Let's not talk about hate when there's hell to pay
For my cowardice and your bad timing
We don't admit it but we never seen eye to eye
But it's not through a lack of trying


nobody's empire

I clung to the bed, and I clung to the past
And I clung to the welcome darkness
But at the end of the night
There’s a green green light
It’s the quiet before the madness


I don’t need to go 
I don’t need to know what you're doing