from the ritz to the rubble

So basically we spent like 1,5 of an hour looking for a decent place to take pictures.
We did not suceed, but I'm one stuck up bitch sometimes, so we ended up with few pictures that, as I've been told "are 99% pure shit". Tough, right? *tear dropping down the cheek while some Celine Dion or something like that playing in the background. who the fuck killed Mufasa. I got lost*
I was all black so you don't have to cry over the black&whiteness. I bought this transparent black shirt at the thrift store and we're totally in love - it's so long and so not body conscious that it just can't get any better. Also, even though I spent like few last months wearing those shoes pretty often, those chunky motherfuckers are suspected of doing something with my foot, aka I can't really walk like a decent person right now. And I don't go to school because of that.
Wait, why would I even be mad. Case closed.

That girl's a different girl today
That girl's a different girl to what you kissed last night
You couldn't have done that on a Sunday

Of course not

Last night what we talked about
It made so much sense
But now the haze has ascended
It don't make no sense anymore


no one loves me & neither do i

 from my winter constant tiredness

so I told her I was rich, then she asked could I use a dirty bitch
of course

i know how to be lost in lust
not because you should, but because you must


i am not a robot

I think I bought this dress like 2 or 3 years ago. I don't really remember, but thing is, I've waited that long to use this song as a post title. Kind of an acomplishment to be honest.
And here comes another one; this is a black-free outfit, people. Pattern on the coat doesn't count, so yeah, I decided to get out of my comfort zone and come back to the colorful side.
So basically I had few minor panic attacks, but I survived, and I guess it was cool after all.
Enjoy the ketchup-mustard-robot mix on me before I'll crawl into the bat-dark lord mode again. But still, I have to go out that gloomy cave sometimes and I think that the weather is about to force me into it, as it just got super summery and sunshiny. I don't think those words exist, And I just noticed that I'm wearing almost all black right now despite the tyrrany of rays. So we'll see.
That's it for now, see y'all soon!

you've been hanging with the unloved kids
who you never really liked and you never trusted

can you teach me how to feel?