from the ritz to the rubble

So basically we spent like 1,5 of an hour looking for a decent place to take pictures.
We did not suceed, but I'm one stuck up bitch sometimes, so we ended up with few pictures that, as I've been told "are 99% pure shit". Tough, right? *tear dropping down the cheek while some Celine Dion or something like that playing in the background. who the fuck killed Mufasa. I got lost*
I was all black so you don't have to cry over the black&whiteness. I bought this transparent black shirt at the thrift store and we're totally in love - it's so long and so not body conscious that it just can't get any better. Also, even though I spent like few last months wearing those shoes pretty often, those chunky motherfuckers are suspected of doing something with my foot, aka I can't really walk like a decent person right now. And I don't go to school because of that.
Wait, why would I even be mad. Case closed.

That girl's a different girl today
That girl's a different girl to what you kissed last night
You couldn't have done that on a Sunday

Of course not

Last night what we talked about
It made so much sense
But now the haze has ascended
It don't make no sense anymore

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