Look at me, getting my shit together. Jk. I'm never doing that.
But actually for few last days I've been mostly at home, because holidays, and I found myself in some absurd planning craze. You know, colorful pens, glasses on, sipping on my really fancy tea and basically doing the little miss perfect impression. I suspect that has something to do with my latest love aka House of Cards, I get sudden desires to take over America's economy. Using colorful pens. Really, I realized that I don't have a calendar but, of course, when I want something I want it now. So I found one from 2013 and I crossed out names of days and literally wrote the right one above. If rewriting the whole year does not sound like a scream for help then I don't know what does.
Plus there are so many things happening lately that my head is constantly buzzing; and when I get used to it suddenly one thought gets more intense AND IT FUCKING THROWS ME ON THE GROUND. And I'm down there like okay, so please give me my notebook, I need to rearrange my schedule to find more time to be overly enthusiastic when I don't have any reason to behave like that because nothing is going as planned and I'm falling into events and ideas that I don't want to take part in and my life is one big fucking rollercoaster and I'm the one to notice that those tracks look everything but nice and steady.
That was a long sentence #toughshit

I should say something about my outfit. I feel like this time you can label me with tumblr hashtags like #grunge #pale #90s #fuck #choker #black #indie #alternative. Judge me. You can also judge because I had to look for some witty hashtags.
what am I

I'm really not supposed to, but yes,
You can call me anything you want


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