So two things everybody:
1) I was wearing almost head to toe cute colorful pastels
2) I was also wearing trousers
Obviously in order to maintain my hardcore bitch look when dressed like a cupcake I spilled some black stuff on my face. I feel like I'm going into my eccentric roots lately; I can pretty much read that from my mom's eyes, so I guess that's not meant to be doubted.
I'd like to make an update on my life but I still have legitimately no clue about what's going on. There's this thing called 48HFP, I did it with some of my friends and even though it was pretty obvious we're not going to win because we are totally amateur it was so much fun; BUT it also means that I haven't slept like the whole previous weekend. And the whole week before. And after. So no matter if I get some hours of sleep right now, the tiredness is still living inside my bones and if I fall down, I'm probably going to stay there and sleep. To be honest I prefer that from doing nothing special, cause having so much stuff to do makes me feel like I'm not falling into the daily routine and that's the thing I'm really afraid of.
Also lately I'm afraid of overdosing caffeine. 
So I'm having a lot of fun, the weather is pretty, school is weird because literally no one gives a fuck about it, both students and teachers, my mind is getting messier and messier but I kind of like the thrill of all those issues that should be solved.
Situation normal, all fucked up. I learned that by finding a sticker on facebook that said "SNAFU" and I was like, hey, that's so Raven. I mean me. Whatever.

Another day, another tale of rape 

Another ticking bomb to bury deep and detonate 
I’m not the only one who finds it hard to understand 
I’m not afraid of God 
I am afraid of man 

How could we expect anything at all? 
We’re just animals still learning how to crawl 


  1. Hello from Spain: I like the dark color of your lips. Nice striped pants. Keep in touch

  2. I must admit that I would never dare to put a black lipstick on and wear the purple sweater at the same time, but such combination looks lovely in your case!

    Have a nice day,


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