chelsea dagger

My eyes are basically a coal mine this time, cause we had this school theatre thing and I was supposed to bring out my inner rebel impression. Later I stayed like that, in a flower child gown, so you could've throw me in some '70s time frame, feed me something not necessarily (i fucking spelled that right i'm so proud of myself) legal and voila, you just raised your own hippie. Like those dinosaurs that were like growing out of sponge. I really hope I'm not the only one that gets that one because otherwise I'll be suspecting that someone already started the hippie growing process and imperceptibly drugged me. Oh boy.
And the background is pretty trippy and artistic&dirty stuff today, the kind of place in the city that is some kind of sophisticated culture hidden centre in the daylight and when the sun goes down it smoothly transforms into more of a fucked up rave-ish den.
wait that's exactly what happens

someone said you was asking after me
but I know you best as a blagger
i said tell me your name, is it sweet?
she said 
my boy 
it’s dagger


  1. Wow, girl, what a magnificent blog you've got here! I'm truely amazed by the variety of the facial expressions, whole spectrum of moods and clothes you wear. I discovered this place today, but you can be sure that I will return here in the future, but to be honest, I would like to ask you one quite simple question - are you interested in following my blog? I don't doubt that you get a lot of messages like this, but believe me, my websi

    1. I'm truly amazed by how one can put so much effort into self promotion and still ignore the only rule that is actually written here.
      I mean I really don't want to be rude here but for fuck's sake people


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