death is a girl

I feel like I've been everywhere but here because I just have so many stuff both to do and on my mind that my blogging adventure was kind of suspended. But hey, I'm back.
For now.
I guess.
So now to sound like a total diva: I was wearing this while going to the screening of movie in which, of course, I had the starring role.
I was also wearing this half of an hour later when I was trying to melt into the seat because I suddenly realized how much everything around us was... not exactly our league. But I'm still pretty sure we nailed that shit.
And if anyone wonders why am I looking kind of high it's simply because I was
wearing no eye makeup
and what have y'all motherfuckers thought I was going to say
As I'm working 28/7 shifts lately aka school/job/life/killmepls I'm going to bed because my mind slowly refuses to create things that make sense.
Night night.

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I'm not afraid of the light,
I never wanted to die
I want to live in a world where there's only one day

Death is a girl and she's only one dance away



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  2. Świetny Look :)

  3. Świetnie połaczyłaś kratkę i paski !


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