fok julle naaiers

I'm totally going to ignore my absence (3 weeks, what the fuck).
I feel like my life lately has been that kind of movie when a director starts hundreds of plots and then is like nah forget that one we're so moving on!
And everything is on like 1.25x speed. Not much, but enough to also create a place for few hours of dying aka I'm so tired that I'm trying to use the power of my mind to move things.
It's not going as well as I'd like it too.
So holiday time is on and I actually feel like this is the first time I'm an adult during summer, because my plans are somewhere between "let me grab my backpack and we can go around the world rn" and "oh my fucking god guys PLEASE get yourself TOGETHER we need to know what are we going to do"
And my mom is like "So where exactly are you going to stay?" and I don't answer not because I don't want to, just because I have no clue.
Ahh, the smell of starting to do stuff by yourself. I'm actually going to be legal in like 2 days, so you know, I'm basically old and dying and I want Nicolas Cage to attend my funeral and make a movie out of it.
I think I may be tired and I shouldn't continue with this but I'll do it anyway.
I'm so happy about the marriage case in the US right now, like this is actually happening, we are making history. The thing that should be done long before is already done and now I just hope it'll become a standard for a civilized country.
I have a train in something like 6 hours and I'm still kind of away from the idea of going to sleep. Ain't nobody leaving without making sure that the music library is cool. Have I told you guys about the time I dropped my iPod into a sewer drain? So I did that.
I can't fit all of my music on my phone. That's tough. #firstworldproblems
see you in few days (I hope), enjoy your summer, let your milkshakes bring boys to the yard
I've never even heard this song

Ninja! Jas I dig dat oke!
I got sick and tired of getting treated like a stupid fuck up
I'm here to steal the fuckin show 'cause baby I'm a bandit
May my enemies live long so they may see me progress


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