apple tree

So I went to Berlin and I'm leaving for Prague in one day; I'm starting to feel sick when someone (or my-very-self) decides on reminding how holidays are already halfway through (aaand I just started feeling sick. no shit). Still, that is some time, but obviously not enough - I've always felt kind of like, maybe a part of me misses school? Not this time. No fucking way. This is both the last year and the one that is crossing over the line of things I can peacefully accept. And I'm not even getting paid for that shit. Can you believe that.
Berlin was really fun and it felt really holiday-ish. We spent 4,5h looking for a hotel, wandering around with backpacks that felt like carrying a young bear on your shoulders, and I found myself pretty satisfied with eating kebab and chinese food all the time (and it was 3 times cheaper than a one day public transport ticket).
 I also had a chance to see AC/DC in Warsaw a week ago, what can I say, it's the good old rock'n'roll and as I went with my dad we had an amazing invisible guitar jam session in the back of the inner barrier section. I also observed some interesting individuals there; like a girl that spend at least half of an hour sitting on the ground, checking her phone non stop/with her head on her knees, and sometimes the flag that her friends were holding (blocking my view, they clearly weren't the brightest bulbs on the christmas tree). And like, I understand that people may feel a bit under the weather, but she was just so jaded I had to fight the urge to step on her or I don't know, beat her up with a pocket mortar.
You know, I told my parents, that if I ever end up in jail, this is going to be a result of some anger issue, I warned everybody so I'm excused.
And the look is black and something else, also known as crawling out of the dark cave that I call my actual comfort zone and wearing some statement jewelry that was pretty normal for me back in a day. I got those printed leggings in a thrift store lately and they go from the colors that you can see into orange and pink, but I only like the foggy blue&purple part so I figured they'll be a nice detail.
I started this post and I was like 'I don't feel like writing anything at all'. Yeah. Good one.
I'm starting to think that's it's physically impossible for me to shut up.

pics by
Your daughter is so fine to see,
Unraveled some mystery in me
When i see the apple in disguise,
Oh my love I can recognize,

Dear Sir can you remember me,
I'm the one that picked the apple tree

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  1. interesting outfit! i love how ethereal it is. also majestic. :))

    xoxo, rae


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