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Black became pretty normal and daily thing for me - sometimes even uniform kind of like - but lately I also found it pretty satisfying to wear it in a more androgynous way than before. I mean, really, I wouldn't imagine myself almost make up free, with my hair tied, wearing a loose pair of black shorts and a fanny pack.
Yeah. A fanny pack. Outside of the concert zone. To be honest, this look started as a concert outfit, but I wore it in different versions few times again. I felt pretty gangsta and comfortable at the same time; if it's not a win win situation then I don't know what is.
I just came back from Prague and I guess I'll get on the holiday stuff here soon.
And right now, I'm almost sure the sky is burning because it's not a summer weather anymore, it's a fucking Dante scenerio. I legitimately ate ice cream for as a meal at least three times since yesterday. And once as just ice cream. #noregrets
I'd like to do something productive but I can just focus on inventing ways to shed my skin because it feels like a wool coat in those temperatures (I don't know if I really want to succeed in that though).

They said he looks so handsome
Stood not dancing, 
Drawing you in like it's boring to him
It's a war you can't win and the first and the last are two things you'll never be my darling

Well he sneered and sniffed and spat at my chat up lines
Not to feel like a twat at times, is hard
But not for this kid, not when they come to you

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