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About three weeks ago I went to Prague with my nigga; and even though our journey started with the bus arriving one hour late without any explanation, at least this time getting to the hotel was the easiest thing. It was a pretty little place close to the city center and somehow it was inside some asian ghetto part of city. I've had asian cuisine for three days straight; on day one we went to the Chinese restaurant and got a 9 year old waiter that insisted on communicating in his own language casually switching to something that he may have thought was Czech. I, of course, panicked, and almost ordered 4 meals instead of 2 because I found randomly showing pictures on the menu surprisingly accurate.
So I spent the first day of the trip as a beetlejuice grunge fantasy; I almost forgot how my face looks with really dark lipstick and, most of all, I forgot how annoying is leaving purple stains on everything I drink. And eat. I managed anyway.
(there's an ad about going back to school on TV right now; I feel truly sorry for those little ones acting like it's all fun and colorful notebooks. it's more like death and colorful notebooks.)

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why don't you come to Harlem?

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  1. Oh, people, why no comments?? Do you think that the photos presented here are mediocre or what??? The second from the bottom is quire terrific!


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