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Obviously in the very exact moment the school year started, I went through the instant transformation from a quite steady train wreck to a devastated train wreck in a blink of an eye (call 987-654-HELP to get on my latest terrific fashion advice on how to dress when all you want to do in the morning is to vomit on your phone when the alarm sets off)
And I'm really serious about that being a wreck; or maybe I should say getting wrecked; or maybe I just skip to being a little bit ran over by a car with my very own loving father behind the wheel. Accidents happen and I was really lucky to get out with only an apple sized bruise on my leg, but can you feel what a story I've got now in my anecdote backpack? That's more me-drama. But actually that shit was pretty scary.
I still got some Prague stuff and here is the most basic look from the all three we shot there, a pretty comfortable one considering it was supposed to survive the temperature going up to Lucifer's resistance threshold. And as we were still making the most out of living in a compact Asia, we, believe me, sushi is literally the best choice if you don't want to starve to death because it's too hot to eat. Plus it's actually always a fucking fantastic choice because it tastes like a food a mermaid mom would give to her children, blessing it with a spell of Atlantis.
I just really, really like sushi.
So I'm not leaving this place (aka the blog), even though it got pretty abandoned lately.
Even that Jesus guy died for some time before he got back to work. Mexicans throw the wildest parties, man.

get out of my way because i can't see straight
let's set this place on fire cause i don't wanna dance

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