The best thing about current school year is that it is the last one. Each day I wake up and literally face issues so absurd that I feel like someone can just ruin the scene any minute, desperatly trying to catch breath while laughing and screaming "cut!".
I've been trying to buy the most basic, black, flat and simple shoes lately and actually I'm on the verge of collapse because of the disease that makes my brain usually slowly crush into smaller pieces after more than 30 minutes of measuring and wondering and changing mind just no. no. that's just tiring and I've already used 50% of my energy today on trying not to walk straight on a doorpost in the morning (I failed, twice.)
October is a swing and sometimes I get to sit on the sofa and watch American Horror Story. I'm also pretty into Eminem right now, so I could basically communicate using just his lines. I find the "fuck you Debbie" one the key to universe.
The thing I'm wearing is a casual grunge? kinda look with a cut out dress, beanie that I bought in Berlin because it's the perfect buy in July and don't question it, necklace that I got on Charles Bridge in Prague, also this summer (getting cool things as souvenirs is my fav) Kokosina backpack and thrifted docs. And a thrifted coat that is my fall uniform these days.
That would be it, cheers!

say fuck it before we kick the bucket


acapulco blue // i wanna break you in half | prague

I just realized that it was two months ago and that shit is crazy. I'm almost sure I still haven't unpacked some bags.
Today I decided to face my latest sleep pattern (if you can actually call that a pattern) and I politely refused my bed's offer to crawl inside the sheets as soon as I get back home and then stay in some semi awake state till I get so tired it becomes pretty dangerous for both myself and surroundings. Instead, I did some stuff and now I'm taking care of this place as I should and as I want to. 
So this was my favourite of all Prague looks, and yes, it was because I easily transformed into a more of a comic persona by putting on blue lipstick and making two buns instead of a usual one.
And I found it really funny how my oh-so-basic summer outfit turned into the look-at-her with just a pop of color. The asian kid from our street was stunned, I tell you.
It's amazing how it's perfectly normal for lips to be bright red and how weird it can be found when they turn blue. It still can be natural, you know, I can be a kelpie. You know my swag, not my story. I miss the heat that was killing me back then; way better than cold and daily rutine that I faced on the beginning of September. My current relationship with school can be described as a constant will to be anywhere else. Luckily, the September issues (see what I did there? hilarious.) are gone, and now we have the Halloween month. Whatever it's name is.

Tell 1-800 CANDY for the good cush

If you have a soul I'd like to meet it,
If it's darker than the night don't think I'll buy it,
I won't do you wrong, I wanna break you in half.

Can I have a minute of your time? I'd love to waste it