love someone else

It's 2k16 and I guess it's like, Facebook official, so really serious and it may be the 'it' thing for like a year or so, so get ready.
I totally fucked up the 'new year new me' deal as I dyed my hair in December and I don't even look like that anymore but I'm lazy so this is belated both as fuck and as usual.
Right now there is snow everywhere and I can only fantasize about not dying while taking off a jacket outside; it happened yesterday and it's some really pretty picturesque shit, but I can't wear leggings AND pants on daily basis. I mean, no. That's too much.
2015 was a great year, I feel like secularly blessed or some kind of thing. I'm thinking of setting some realistic goals for this year, like maybe if I used time that I waste on worrying about things to actually do them and by that solve the problem, that would be great. And I'm about to finish high school which is good, as there is no point in dropping about at this point anyway, things have gotten to far.
About this place, maybe I'll get on it more often, like the good old days (quality over quantity ekh ekh am I right??), but I have a ton of things to do, like passing my finals so I'm not sure. Fingers crossed I guess? We'll see.
So as the whole thing was supposed to be about my fashion choices, let's get to it - I basically wore it because I was told it's not going to look good, and I know how to treat a challenge - accept it no matter what because I'm not a chicken (whaddup back to the future reference). So I borrowed my mom's jeans and became the ultimate neo grunge kid (is that even a thing?) covered with layers because I love layers more than winter jackets. Case closed, see you around.

pics by
she likes to taste the danger, makes her feel complete
but he don't wanna listen anymore
he wants to be a bigger dog instead of your whore
he's spending your infatuation spending too much
instead of playing gigolo and taking his cut


  1. Me encanta tu look y tu peinado es una maravilla!!!
    Un beso

  2. what a lovely post my dear
    your style is so amazing and inspiring
    simply love it!
    lovely :)
    with love your AMELY ROSE


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