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Sooooo. I was thinking about it for some time now, and I figured that this is the best thing I can do. I neglected the blog af for last few months; exam and all of that stuff that made it impossible for me to take care of it as I wanted to. But school is off now, holidays are on, life is basically on.
Right now I'm in US, got here like 3 weeks ago, took me 4 flights, some slighly weird encounters and walking around the whole Newark Liberty airport to find my gate, plus,
the trip lasted like 24h straight but I survived. 
to the point
I still want to run this place, but in a slightly different way; add more other stuff to the fashion/style part and see how it goes in general. And I'm kind of done with my imaginative internet persona, as I'm trying to be an adult right now, travelling, going to uni (plus I may not be 15 anymore #legal) I'm actually pretty excited. This is my private Hannah Montana moment so let me have iiit. Without all the wig stuff and former Disney princess gone wild part, but still.
So the blog is moving to (like, I bought a domain, for real) as you may have already noticed, I hope that new things will be so much fun as I want them to be and you are all welcomed to be a part of them. I guess the page will be undergoing some maintenance for a while because I want to give it a refreshed fancy look, but yeah. That's it. Let's roll.

my time was running wild

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