postcards from Beaufort, SC | vol 1

As I'm looking at the pictures I took since I came here, first few weeks are landscapes, geckos and alcohol. That does not surprise me, like, at all.
Also, I just discovered that since I got my camera in May, I was taking pictures in 16:9 dimension and it was quite a shock. On the other hand, I discovered how to go back to 3:2 one, so I call it a success either way.
I've been in US for a month now, but I swear to my non religous views, I have no clue how that happened. I feel like I arrived yesterday, after the journey of champions which consisted of visiting 5 airports in one day and not being able to sleep on my longest flight because I was too excited. And when I got a hold of my excitment ans started falling asleep, the plane crew started like, giving food to other people. You can't expect me to sleep while someone is like "what kind of sandwich do you want" because I simply want all of them sandwiches. 
So I spent the whole month after finishing my finals doing nothing super specific, I was just hanging out with people in places and it was really nice, finally having a chance to be lazy and all. But it also took me that month to get sick of it (maybe binge watching whole OITNB in like a week had something to do with that, idk, judge me) and now I want to do everything at once. Good thing is, more traveling is coming my way, so I won't have to worry about finding myself activities.
(tbh, since I wrote that some traveling already happened and I'm currently live blogging from Myrtle Beach #weekendgetaway #highlife)

P.S. I'm trying to pimp this thing a little bit, and I have to share my new favourite just discovered in blogger widget section, called Random Images of very Cute Babies. Like, who doesn't need that.

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