big spender | budapest 060616

So this thing happened more than two months ago but I'm a human version of whatever comes to your head after saying the world "chaos" out loud, and also it feels nice to look at those pictures and wonder how many things happened since that time.
I just came back from the Mexico-Cuba-Cayman Island trip two days ago, shit was crazy m8, I feel like sleeping in for a next week because it was the high speed mode all over and SO many adventures that I basically like, can't even.
But the pics today are from Budapest, where I went for few days with my friend in June, and I have to say that usually I can tell if I'll like the place after a little while, but Budapest was a mistery from the beginning to the end. Differently from many others European capitals it's vibe wasn't only about the astonishing architecture and overall the breathtaking scenery blah blah; it felt like more than that, the city has it's ups and downs and actually the presence of some disadvantages made it more alive. I'm pretty sure I'll be going back there, and for now I still have some photos left to remind me of the Hungarian spirit (talking about Hungary; don't expect to get a word out of that language. Usually, when you're a European, speaking, let's say, your native language and English, plus maybe something more you can get the slightest idea what the hell is going on in almost any place in Europe. Well, that's not happening this time.
So, incidentally, I was pulling off the mexican aura in a bold red dress and gold hoop earrings (what's good, Fergie?), without knowing yet that I'll end up in the actual Mexico in less than two months from that day. What an amazing fucking rollercoaster. I love this so much.
Cheeeers yo
P.S. Yes, I a m wearing a festival wristband because I'm a music junkie and I do that sue me

I'm Bugs Bunny with carrots
let me get right to the point
I don’t pop my cork for every man I see
hey big spender
spend a little time with me


  1. This is a gorgeous look. I looooove that volume and color. Jealous of your trip--it looked amazing!



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