postcards from Cancún, Mexico | 28-310716

To be honest, my presence in Mexico was one of two most spontaneous parts of my holidays. I was supposed to fly from States to Cuba to stay there for like 2 weeks with my aunt, which I was really excited about (and after the actual trip I still am tbh), to travel with her and use my superpower language skills (whaddup Spanish). But, as for now, there are still no direct flights from USA to Cuba. So, you have to transfer either somewhere in South America or in Mexico. The Mexico transfer tickets were cheaper, so I assumed I'm just going to do that. But then I sat down and thought; in this case I'll just hop off the plane and hop on on another in like an hour. In fucking MEXICO. This would be such a waste.

So I looked some stuff up, estimated the cost of like a 2-3 day stopover and picked up the phone. That was the hardest part if you ask me, because let's say that, I called my mom being like, heeeeey, mooooom, so I was thinking about that - just don't panic - just like thinking about that, you know, it's just like an idea, so how about I stay in Mexico for few days? Aka hey mom, yeah, I know I'm traveling alone but what do you think about getting killed by some drug related mafia shit because stereotypes. Although, on the other hand, when I was already there, people on the street were asking me if I want to buy some cocaina. Politely declined.

Mexico was amazing and I'm am not exaggerating a little bit. Even though I only spent 3 days there, and that the city I was staying in was the touristy kind of spot, so that's not really my deal, but I chose it because of the following the touristy part bigger safety rate. But I'm super sure I'll be back to visit the rest of the country because when I got away from the crowded, popular places it really felt authentic and I just fell in love with almost everything that I've seen there - architecture, people, food (god fucking dammit those were the best quesadillas in my whole life and they were cheaper than a bottle of water in Poland), nature, I would say language but we have an ongoing 6 years old toxic relationship (ok jk, love ya Spanish). 

And I have to say, traveling alone has it's pros and cons, but one of the biggest advantages is just experiencing the kindness of strangers and I'm not talking the "hey girl do you want some candy from my white van" kind of shit, that I'm trying to stay as away far as I can from. The house that I booked in Mexico turned out to be literally the most heartwarming place and it felt like home from the second I walked in; plus, I was expecting to just wander around the city alone for few days and I ended up not being by myself at all, because you just meet all kinds of people everywhere and sometimes they show you the best coffee in Mexico and teach you surprisingly odd boxing tricks. And I'm going to die really soon because now I want both the quesadillas and the coffee. Fuck.

So here is a tiny little piece of my Mexican getaway, I hope you can feel the spirit of this vibrant place because it's just sooo good and colorful and sugar and spice and everything nice.
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Cheers, nos vemos

P.S. I just also remembered the Mexican version of beer which consists of beer, of course, tomato juice and lime. I'm going to loot the fridge now ok

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  1. Yeah every time I mention going to Mexico my dad says some incredibly ignorant thing and ends the conversation so I feel you on the asking your mom part. But I'm so glad you got to see it! I have yet to go, even though I'm only a few hours away in Los Angeles. I really want to see Mexico City. Looks like a gorgeous time you had!



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