NYC streetstyle vol.1 09-100916

So yeah, I'm in NYC. And I'm super excited about that like, all the time.
I was planning to stay in New York for few last days of my US holidays, but, ya know, it's September. And September in NYC means Fashion Week. That's why I decided to come earlier, and I have to say it was the best idea I've had in a while - I'm going to some shows, meeting amazing people and fullfilling my main goal of being here, aka streetstyle. What surprised me, for now I find Brooklyn a better place to seek stylish New Yorkers than the center of Manhattan. But anyway - the city is great, I feel like I'm in the right place and the whole adventure just started, so I'm looking forward to see what'll happen next. I also want to try to keep the NYC thing up to date, even though I still have a looooot of stuff from Cuba, Cayman Islands and States also to post, but I feel like the city that never sleeps needs an instant coverage.
So feel free to check out those beautiful people, being as stylish as it gets (my favorite parts is how real they are, I met them just strolling through the streets minding their own business). 
I'll be back soon with more Big Apple deals yo, and now I'm off to explore!

pics by moi