boys wanna be her | 130816, Cayman Islands

 I already came to an agreement with how jauntily I run this place, and decided not to drag myself all over about how lazy I am; truly, my procrastination really doesn't not go well with extreme guilt tripping triggered by every uneventful second of my life. Why am I like that.
So, obvioulsy instead of taking care of content in something logical like chronological order, I went first with the pics I'm really happy about and also I left the other memory card in a city that's like 5h drive away from my current location. Oh well. Too bad.
Cayman Islands was the last stop on my "yeah MOM I can totally stay alive during next few weeks" trip, and the one part that didn't really occurred to me almost until the very last part of planning. But if you're already on the other part of the world, and the ticket price goes only slightly up insted of having to sell both of your kidneys and maybe your newborn child in order to afford the plane one way, you kinda start to feel the yolo vibe. And so I did.
I'll probably do more talking about my Cayman time in general, cause boy, did I have some adventures there. But the first day I got there, this really fun thing happened the second I got outside - a fucking torrential revenge of all the gods or whatever was this shit, but I have never, ever in my life seen something like that.
The upside to almost dying during an instant flood was having all the beaches to myself later in a day. There was this one place straight out of the movie, which consisted of foundations of some building that must've been there - but covered with the flowing water of the Caribbean Sea it created the most magical swimming pool. So after immersing in this hell of a scenery, both literally and metaphorically, I decided to shoot a bit. And also, mark my words, taking pictures of yourself while getting your legs bitten by some underwater creature (probably a fish, but who knows) is a memorable experience. 

pics by moi 

I've seen her in NYC and it was a fucking BALL 
Smokin' Pall Malls, close call, stand tall
Doll, you make them feel so small
And they love it

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  1. Looks like an incredible time and I love these slightly grunge-y tropical photos.



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