vanity | cracow, 031916

A year ago, when those pics were taken (actually, a bit more than this), I was on a weekend trip with a friend, to visit her new Uni on it's open days (oh, the days when Uni seemed like a other solar system). In fact, we went in for like 20 minutes, and strolled around the city for the rest of our time there. The best part was definitely the fact that our hostel shared a floor with a strip club, the exotic vibe of that is unforgettable. Also, we bought supermarket sushi and we kept it on a windowsill outside, plus it turned out to be disgusting. Some memories fade, but the one about such a crime on a fish never will. 

I notice how weirdly times go by sometimes; I don't feel like it was long ago, yet I can't relate to how life felt back then 100%. And that's hella good in context of, for example,  stuff like high school finals as I'd rather set myself on fire or something extreme like that than do this again.
Still, I realized how some things feel closer to current day than the others, no matter the passed time. It's kind of like every person creates their own spacetime based on unique experiences and how they value each occurancy differently.
Minds are cool, man.

We went to some kind of mirror labyrinth back then, and even though we've heard it's smaller than expected, ergo, dissapointing, I recommend giving some time to places like that and you can really zone yourself out of any sense of orientation. And bump into mirrors like some kind of selfmade maniac, fun 101. And we took some pics while we were at it.

guess anything goes